About Your Advocate

Christine Van Haren, Independent Patient Advocate, Board Certified Patient Advocate

My greatest passion is helping people - encouraging them, supporting them, and walking alongside them on their healthcare journey; clearing a path to better understanding of their health and wellness, and greater satisfaction within the healthcare system.

My Promise to You

  • I will collaborate with patients, caregivers, and families, to effectively and efficiently navigate our complex and ever-changing health care system.
  • I will offer education, support, and access to resources allowing you to make informed decisions about your healthcare.
  • I will always hold your healthcare needs, desires, and preferences as my number one priority, and make sure your voice is heard duing discussions about your care. 


I have a lifetime of advocating for others' health. I am both a Registered Pharmacist and Board Certified Patient Advocate. Because I am a lifelong learner, I also hold certificates in Mental Health First Aid and Substance Use Disorder. In addition to Patient Advocacy work, I am currently enrolled in Certificate Programs  through UW-Madison Continuing Education, enhancing my skills in Motivational Interviewing and Mediation Training.